Red Matter Missle In Action

This Is What Happens After A Red Matter Missle Hits The Ground, It Sucks Up All The Blocks Nearby

Red Matter missiles can be launched from any platform without support frames. One thing which can be observed is that the blocks don't lock to the grid. Sometimes if a block is flung too far away from the 'core', it will re-place down and revert to being a standard block. Currently the only way to destroy it is an anti-matter missile.

Anti matter missile

This Anti-matter missile is a missile which explodes but doesn't damage the land, damages mobs though. The anti-matter missile has to directly hit the 'core' to destroy the red matter implosion. Effects

After the detonation, one must stay at least 3-5 blocks away. The damage is 4 blocks for every explosion and it explodes once every second. The missile only dissipates when you fire an anti-matter missile. There is no time limit.


A Example Of What Not To Do


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